Incorporating patterns into your home

When attempting to incorporate an element of color, boldness or life into a room, it can be hard to figure out where to start. Whilst some will purchase furniture, pictures and ornaments, others will focus on the little details. One thing is for sure, patterns work a treat.

No home should feature patterns on every wall, carpet, picture and window but a little splash here and there is ideal. Not only will this add character to a room but it will also help to brighten it up. Too much fuss will only create an element of messiness, unattractive to those who wish to use their home to relax and unwind.

Cushion covers, rugs, throws and decorative features can all be used to add personality to a room. However, one part of a room that is widely overlooked is the windows. Many will choose to use curtains to dress up their windows but the choices are endless. Shutters, vertical blinds, wooden blinds, curtains and roller blinds can all be purchased in a variety of different and colorful styles.

Patterned roller blinds, a recent popular choice, are ideal for those who are also wishing to keep an element of sophistication and neatness around the house. For example, when roller blinds are up during day light ours, the great outdoors can be seen, filtering natural light into the home. Whilst, at night time, they can be rolled down, revealing a pattern that is sure to brighten up the newly dull and dim room.

The biggest appeal that roller blinds have towards homeowners is their cheapness and convenience. As many retailers will provide customers with a blind that is made to measure a particular window within two days. However, many online sellers will offer standard size blinds that are designed to fit the majority of windows.

Deciding on a pattern can be the trickiest part. It is important to consider the existing colour scheme and what colours would fit and suit them. Neutral colours such as beiges, browns, creams and white can be added to easily; whereas bolder, brighter colours will be more difficult to find a pattern that suits. You can hire an interior design company like Brenda Lee Designs to help you to decide what pattern to choose.

The most common designs that are found within home up and down the country consist of plants, flowers and abstract art. Although these are widely available there are other styles that can create the same effect. It is highly recommended to browse plenty of online stores before deciding on a particular pattern of roller blind as other accessories will also need to be found and bought in that same design.

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